Notes From Santa Fe

Today is the last full day at St. John College in Santa Fe.  It has been much like the others:  great discussion in the workshop and equally great conversation with my fellow travelers over coffee in the cafeteria.  I will be glad to return home tomorrow so that I can begin to digest all of the input that I have received and start writing again.

What has been as pleasant to me as the learning is the rain that has fallen.  Rain is nothing new where I live in the Northwest, but here rain is a special event!  It has rained every day that we have been here and today we had a soaking rain in addition to the deluge that is the more common form.  Ditches and dry washes have running water in them and the ground is becoming saturated.

The grasses and weeds are greening up and yellow flowers already adorn one little plant that appears everywhere.  Pine, cedar, birch and cottonwood are a rich green and their aroma pervades the campus.  I have little doubt that the drier areas downstream and at lower elevation are enjoying the underground flow of these waters as they work their way slowly towards the Rio Grande Valley.  

I’ll miss Santa Fe after I leave tomorrow, but it’s not going anywhere.  Ah’ll be bock!

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