A Psalm

How can I face the morning Lord?

Much of my night was without sleep, and my body feels wracked by the ravages of my enemies.

I fend off their blows but they always keep coming and, sometimes less and sometimes more, they land.

Sometimes when I dream it is of uncertainty, and when I awake it is in dread of the light.

Many of my nights yield small rest, but I shall find my rest in you.

It was you who kept watch over me in my fitful sleep.

It was you who reassured me when I awoke that my dream was only that; a dream, and my reality is filled with you.

It is you who tells me “Don’t fear the day; I will be there with you every step of the way.

And in the middle of the day, as I grind mechanically through my duties and forget to think about you,  and when I respond to hateful hearts and cynical tongues with sin of my own,

and when I find at the end of my day that I have become no better than my oppressors, 

You forgive me and tell me that you love me, you have loved me since before time began and will love me when time ceases to be,

and you have lifted me out of the mud, much of which is of my own making, wiped me clean and said “There. I love you.  Sin no more.” 

And you do it every day.

At last evening comes.  I bathe to remove the sweat and dirt, and also wash away the soreness and tension of the day.

Bed awaits and there, in the dark and quiet, I will still the din of voices that rage between my ears.

There in the night you whisper “Here I Am,” and at last I am able to let go of the day’s troubles, 

and cease to think about tomorrow’s.

For a few hours you will cradle me in your arms and give me rest.  For some that is not enough but for me it is the staff of life, and all the promise I need to step, with you, into tomorrow.

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