Hosea Rock Opera Song #8: Bedtime Story Blues

After stepping out on Hosea even while pregnant with child number three (not Hosea’s at that) Gomer finally returns to the life of a whore.  The point of this story as given to us in the Book of Hosea is that Israel, and us by extension, prefer the life of a whore to the life of a bride of a faithful husband.  Gomer has done nothing that all of us don’t do, and Hosea is grieved by Gomer’s unfaithfulness every bit as much as God is grieved by our own.  Well, maybe not quite as much, but it still hurts deeply.  This song is to be sung in a deep blues style; think BB King foundation with strong notes of Leadbelly, Muddy, Clapton, even a little Stevie Ray.  David Bromberg’s “Not Be Your Fool” is also an inspiration.

It’s time for bed children, if you go nice I’ll tell a story to you.  Come on and get up the stairs, kids.  And I’ll tell a story to you.  Don’t listen too close to the words babes, ’cause the story comes to close to me and you.

There once was a man who loved a woman, not too much at first, but then – all the way.God told the man where to find her, but how it would work out He didn’t say.  So the man went out and found a bride, shed seemed to live him for a little while, but then went away.

[When’s your momma coming home?  She said that it would be in just a little while.  She said that she had important business, maybe it would take more than a little while.  But if you knew how much she really loves yu, it couldn’t help but make you smile.]

Now back to the story kids, that man knew all along she would break his heart.  He knew he would always love her truly, but that she just wouldn’t do her part.  So now he’s just waiting for God’s signal, and then he’ll try to give it all a new start.

[Yes, I know you miss your momma.  I want you to know I miss her too.  I set her place at the table I wash and hang her clothes I call out her name at night!  God in heaven knows I miss her too.  Some day God in His glory will bring her home to us, till then wait and hope is all we an do.]

I’m sorry ’bout this story kids, I’m sorry that your momma’s not here too.  I’m not sorry ’bout the time she was with me, I’m not sorry she gave me the three of you.  I guess we’ll have to go to bed with the blues tonight; tomorrow I’ll tell you ’bout the three bears.

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