Hosea Rock Opera Song #7

Hosea and Gomer have made a home.  There have been a couple of children born, one of which is Hosea’s, and another is just barely on the way.  Gomer was surprised to find that Hosea is a good man, but in spite of it all she is drawn to her old life, or the idea of it.  Finally one night while Hosea’s working she slips back to the old place and gets sucked back into the darkness.  This is done in a jazzy, soulful Joni Mitchell style.

The bread is rising and the beds are made, I think today I wash and sweep.  Jezreel has a baseball game today, Ruhamah’s been sick for a week.  Hosea’s working late tonight, and I just don’t think it’s right, to be alone.

I can’t say that he’s not been good to me, it hasn’t been like I had thought.  He always comes straight home and hears me speak, and gives me little things that he’s bought.  I never dreamed that I’d be so lame, and my life has become so tame, and I am here alone.

Tonight he’s putting in some overtime, and I’ve heard there’s a party going on.  The kids will all be sleeping, I don’t think they’ll know that I have gone.  I just want to see some old friends.  I’m just bored with the way that it’s been.  I’ll step out just this once and then, never again.

I hear the music and the laughter, the place is rocking out tonight.  The girls are on the stage and dancing, they leap and whirl with all their might.  My old boyfriend says to me “come over here”, and now he’s buying me a tall cold beer.  And he says that he is still my friend, and just maybe we could do it all again, and this time it will be Hosea who’s alone.

One drink, maybe just a line or two.  I really don’t see what harm it would do.  And johnny, I’ve been saving this for you.  Let’s rock this place, rake in some dough.  I’ve still got the touch even though, I’ve been rotting in my house and so, alone.

There is a light on in the window, I’ll bet Hosea’s sitting there, I know he’ll follow me and beg me not to leave.  He’ll beg for me to stay his wife, I guess I will for now, but he can’t make me change my life.  ‘Cause these things that I do feel good, and though I don’t believe I should, pretty soon I will leave him for good.  Then he’ll be alone.

I’m giving him another child but this one’s not his too.  I don’t believe for him there’s anything more I can do.  I’ve tried to be the faithful wife but that’s just not my style, and I might find a better deal if I walk another mile.  I’ll find the life that’s truly mine down the road another mile.  I know I’ll find myself just down that road another mile.

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