Hosea Rock Opera Song # 6. Hosea brings home a bride.

In this song Hosea has brought home his bride and two neighbors are gossiping over the back fence like neighbors have since there have been neighbors and sin.  They are clearly not happy about the new addition to the neighborhood.  This song is done in a country and western style; neighbor #1 being a lot like Waylon and neighbor #2 a lot like Willie.

Neighbor #1:  I saw that old Hosea brought his wife home yesterday.  The wedding was a short one I am told.  He really must have wanted someone very much indeed, ’cause he found a girl who’s usually bought and sold.

Neighbor #2:  Yes I have heard the same thing and I saw her yesterday.  I must admit the girl was looking good.  But we’re not needing her kind, I’ve got children living here.  If she stays there goes the neighborhood.

Neighbor #1:  Hosea always seemed to be a little off to me, his preaching always gave me one big pain.  And every time we sacrifice a son or two to Baal, on our fine parade he would pray for rain.

Neighbor #2:  I hope her friends don’t come around with all their mess and noise.  I really wish that she would go away.  Hosea says he likes the girl and we can both guess why, So I suppose she probably will stay.  But I’ve been praying to my idols made of stone and wood; if she don’t go there goes the neighborhood.

Neighbor #1:  I think the decent people in our neighborhood should meet and see, if there is something we can do.  This girl is gonna bring some trouble to our quiet street, and we will all be tainted ‘fore it’s through.  Hosea says we’re just like her boy, does he have some nerve?  I’m not like her, I give Baal the respect that he deserves.

Neighbor #2:  Yes I agree we should unite and run that woman out.  We’d all be better off without them both and there’s no doubt.  He’s got no right to criticize me for the god I choose.  And my wife is a proper girl it’s him that’s gonna lose.


We’ll circulate petitions and approach the city boss, maybe we can get them both run off.  We’ll say that he’s a nuisance and he doesn’t mow his lawn.  We’ll say she’s loose and lives in total sloth.  If they would leave the city it would all be for the good.  If they should stay there goes the neighborhood.

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